The Internet Marketing Gurus Secrets

Apr 27, 2022 | Advertising | 0 comments

“Uh-huh, isn’t it true that everyone loves to pick on the gurus?”

Maybe. But then again, there may be a cause.

I’m not referring to the big gurus who discreetly go about their business of creating a comfortable income online.

Instead, I’m referring to those “Gurus” who create an entirely new product every six weeks since they only have one goal: to make sales.

These people — a small percentage of online marketers – are solely focused on SELLING, SELLING, SELLING! The size of their financial account is the only distinction that counts to them. Regardless of what they say, it appears to everyone paying attention that they feel consumers are only there to be fleeced.


Yes, we’re in the business of selling things. But first and foremost, we should be in the business of assisting others.

Consider Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg, two of the most famous film filmmakers in history. Are these filmmakers just looking for a quick buck? Or was it because they enjoyed enthralling their audiences?

What about the finest authors, such as J.K. Rowling and J.K. Rowling? Are they only interested in selling books? Or do they want to entertain (fiction) and enlighten (non-fiction) their readers?

Regardless of our specialization, we may need to put the consumer first and profits second as internet marketers.

Consider the last time you visited a vehicle dealership. Everything seemed to be sunshine and roses at first as you conversed with your new best friend, the automobile dealer. They showed you several automobiles, you made jokes about various topics, you had a good time, and then BLAM!

You’re chatting about numbers in the back room when you realize this person isn’t your buddy; they’re your foe. Your objective is to pay the tiniest amount of money possible while still getting the automobile and options you desire.

Their objective is to sell you a car that has been on the lot for too long, load it up with unnecessary equipment, and charge you as much as possible.

So, what exactly do you do?

Hopefully, you do what any reasonable person would do and walk out the door before signing something you’ll regret.

Be a Steven Spielberg when it comes to marketing.

Stick to your ideas and produce a body of work that reflects your personality and delights your consumers.

Don’t sell a product or service to someone who isn’t a good fit for it. Have that new someone read your free material before investing in your most expensive courses if they’re freshly new to the industry.

To put it another way, treat them the way you want to be treated, and they’ll be around for a long time. They’ll put their faith in you. And if you come across as an aggressive auto salesperson, they will buy more from you in the long run.

(Please accept my apologies to any decent vehicle salespeople out there.) I’m sure you’re out there someplace, and your coworkers are giving you a terrible rap that you don’t deserve.)